“I Don’t Want To Commit Just Yet” Vogue Williams Reveals Plan To Freeze Boyfriend


IRISH model, television and radio personality Vogue Williams has revealed plans to freeze her current boyfriend Spencer Matthews in a bid to keep him fresh and youthful for a future commitment.

Ms. Williams wrote in her Sunday World column that she visited a doctor with Spencer last week about the procedure, “almost like an insurance policy”, and plans to freeze him after the Summer.

“Spence is in his prime now at the age of 27, so there’s no better time to have him cryogenically frozen for when I’m properly able to commit to a full-time relationship,” she writes, admitting she is nervous about putting Mr. Matthews asleep for such a long time, “ten years doesn’t seem a long time when you say it like that, but I am worried how I will look in 2027, and just hope the unfrozen Spence will still love me”.

While Vogue says that having a lifetime partner is something she wants “nearly more than being famous, ” she admits he also “wants to live his life too”.

“He was apprehensive at first, considering I have two other men from previous relationships frozen at the moment and stashed away for safekeeping,” she says, adding, “sure we’ll see which one thaws out the best and I can make my decision from there”.

Ms. Williams is currently filming one of a dozen different television programs for RTE which will take up most of the stations Autumn schedule, including Vogue Fights ISIS, Vogue’s News For The Deaf, Vogue Does Bath Salts and of course the return of her most popular series Vogue Vogue Vogue Vogue.