Lad On Holidays Somehow Ran Out Of Money Before Leaving Home


WATERFORD young lad Kieran Fennelan has rang home to his parents to ask them to stick a few euro in his current account to cover him while he’s on holidays with the lads, after having completely ran out of cash before his plane had left the tarmac in Dublin.

Fennelan, 19, had set off for ten nights in Tenerife with his pals, with what he assured his parents was ‘more than enough money’ to cover him for the whole trip.

Adamant that he had budgeted exactly how much he needed for each night, the Dungarvan youth headed out on Monday morning, only to ring home Monday at lunchtime to tell his parents that he had blown through all his cash and if it wasn’t too much trouble could they head into town later in the day and put a few hundred into his bank account, of which he provided no details but they could probably find his account number ‘on a bill somewhere’.

“We knew this was going to happen, but we thought he’d make it out of the fucking country” said Kieran’s dad Michael, speaking exclusively to WWN.

“He told us that he’d been saving up for ages, so either he didn’t put away enough money to begin with, or he went on an absolute tear the minute he got out of our sight and blasted through the lot… I’d believe either answer, to be honest”.

Of the six lads Fennelan headed off with yesterday, all of them have now rang home to their mammy for extra cash.