Read: Herald Issues Full Apology Following Stormzy Mix-Up


THE Herald has issued a full apology to both Belgian footballer Romalu Lukaku and British rapper Stormzy, after publishing an article about Lukaku’s move to Manchester United with a photo of the grime superstar in a Man Utd top by mistake.

“We at the Herald would like to apologise to both men for the mix-up” read the official statement from the paper.

“It was a complete accident and we promise to be more careful in future. We meant no disrespect to either man, nor were we being racially insensitive. Sorry. Our bad”.

UPDATE: The Herald has issued a second apology to Stormzy following their initial apology, after accidentally using a picture of deceased American rapper Biggie Smalls.

“Again, no offence intended. We just stuck ‘black rapper’ in Google and went with the first image. Again, our bad”.

UPDATE: The Herald has issued a third apology, after it was found that their last apology included an image of British actor Idris Elba.

“Once again, the Herald apologizes to Lukaku, Stormzy, Biggie Smalls, even though he’s dead, and now Idris Elba. Won’t happen again”.

UPDATE: The Herald has taken to social media to apologise one more time to all concerned, after their last statement was accompanied by an image of Wesley Snipes from the movie Blade II.

“Ok, look, we’re not doing this on purpose. But you try finding an image of this Stormzy chap, it’s not as easy as you think. We’ve got a paper to be getting on with publishing, we can’t be double checking if we have the exact picture of the exact black person”.

UPDATE: The Herald has once again apologised after the image they posted of the audience at the MOBO awards was found to not include Stormzy.

“Seriously, he’s not there? Christ”.

UPDATE: The Herald has apologized to Romalu Lukaku again, after mistakenly including a picture of him in their apology to the rapper Stormzy.

“You’re fucking kidding us, right? Ok, leave it with us, we’ll get it this time”.