Memes Paper 1 ‘Harder Than Anticipated’, Say LC Students


LEAVING Certificate students emerging from this morning’s Memes Paper 1 examination have unanimously agreed that while the test was fair, it was still ‘much more difficult’ than they had prepared for.

A new module introduced to the curriculum this year to meet the growing demand for excellence in the ‘online legend’ industry, Memes Paper 1 covered meme history, conversion of Facebook memes to Twitter, and screengrabbing, with tomorrow’s paper 2 covering correct meme application, GIFs, copy-pasting, and bespoke meme creation using images outside the traditional meme palate.

With CAO points for online messing at an all time high, the Waterford students we spoke to agreed that they were able to cope with the difficulty of the questions posed, even though they had prepared for other examples.

“When I opened the page and saw Condescending Wonka, my heart sank a little,” said 17-year-old Ben, who feels like he may have scraped a C, maybe a B at best.

“I had spent the run-up to the exam studying the ‘Aliens’ history channel guy, as I was sure he was due to appear on the paper. But the rest of the test was very reasonable, tough in places but nothing that any student who has spent the last two years staring at their phone wouldn’t be fit for”.

Students have headed back home to prepare for tomorrow’s exam, with many hoping their knowledge will help land them their dream job as the editor of a shitty copy & paste website.