Asylum Seekers Advised Not To Spend Extra €2.50 All In One Shop


IN ONE of his first acts since taking the reins of the Fine Gael party, Leo Varadkar has set a marker down with a €2.50 increase on the €19.50 asylum seekers receive from the State every week.

Experts in the field of making every last penny count have urged asylum seekers not to splurge their bumper pay day in the one shop, with the advice being to spread the €2.50 across multiple businesses.

“The temptation may be to get into Tesco at 11pm and raid the discount food shelf, but you need to be smart with your new windfall,” explained one financial expert, unaware that the curfews observed in direct provision centres means residents don’t have the chance to avail of such discounts.

“Remember some asylum seekers could be in a direct provision centre for 10 years without any resolution to their case, which is great because €2.50 per week over 10 years is €1,200. That’s almost enough money for a deposit and first month’s rent, this increase will change lives, I only wish I could get in on the action myself,” added the expert.

The benevolent payment is a world away from the stingy payments successive governments have given to direct provision residents, and sets Ireland on a new brave course to a brighter future.

“Make sure you put something in about Leo being benevolent, oh, oh, and say ‘it’s a brave new Ireland’ or some shit,” shared one Fine Gael spokesperson when talking with WWN about the huge step forward in the treatment of asylum seekers in Ireland.