Toddler Just Testing You At This Stage


SPECIALISTS in infant behaviour have released a new study which confirms that infants as young as 14 months can on occasion act in a manner that is purposefully done to test the limits of their parents’ patience.

Although it was previously believed that toddlers only act out of pain, hunger, thirst or discomfort for the first few years of their life, this new research shows that sometimes they’ll just see ‘how far they can push’ their long-suffering parents.

This can manifest itself in behaviour ranging from refusing to eat something they’ve eaten 100 times before, to repeatedly throwing things on the floor before crying over the fact that said item is on the floor, demanding that their parents pick it up so they can throw it on the floor again.

“Babies can appear to be all cute and innocent, but they are really just seeing how far they can wind you up,” said Dr. Liam Richardson, chief statistician for the report, as he showed WWN video of several babies he studied.

“Look at this little man here, perfectly happy, then his parents put a coat on him, indicating that the family are about to leave the house and… there. He purposefully picked up a Fruit Shoot and poured it all over himself, delaying proceedings. And look at his face now, as his parents rush to change him. It says, ‘oh, what? You didn’t like that? Whatcha gonna do bout it, eh?’ And back on goes a clean coat, and…. there. Pooped himself”.

A spokesperson for the babies was not available.