Local Man Heartbroken To Learn He’s In An Open Relationship


IT was another weekend spent alone watching Netflix while eating an entire Dominos pizza for Waterford native Sean Naughton, while his girlfriend Marie Jennings enjoyed a night with some other man thanks to the terms and conditions of the open relationship that Naughton reluctantly agreed to.

Naughton had agreed to the open relationship during negotiations to save his failing three-year relationship with Jennings, after she had stated that she wanted to leave him because all he does at the weekend is watch Netflix and eat Dominos pizza.

Grasping at straws and assuming nothing would come of it, 28-year-old Naughton nodded along when Marie mentioned that an open relationship in which they were free to sleep with other people would be one way to save their relationship.

However, he was dismayed to discover that Jennings fully intended to throw herself into open relationshipping, and has spent the subsequent weekends sitting at home by himself while his girlfriend hooks up with Tinder matches she made earlier in the week.

“It’s just great that we’re still together, even if we don’t spend any time with each other because she’s out on Saturday nights and not fit to do much on Sunday mornings,” grimaced Naughton, searching for something on Netflix.