Melania Trump Sneaks Off In Burka, Never To Be Seen Again


A HUNT is going on for the First Lady of the United States Melania Trump, after she absconded from a presidential tour of the Middle East that she was on with her husband Donald.

Mrs. Trump, spotted swatting away her husband’s hand in a telling video of them walking off Air Force One which then made its way to social media this week, is believed to have used the trying on of a burka as her opportunity to flee.

As President Trump shook hands with Saudi dignitaries over the weekend and talked about how great everything was, Melania was heard to comment that she ‘quite liked the look of those robe things’ to a nearby aide.

A burka was brought to Mrs. Trump to try on, and as she admired it for comfort and moveability, she suddenly pointed to the distance and yelled ‘what’s that over there?’

With everyone in the room distracted, the First Lady fled into a nearby crowd of burka-clad women, immediately blending into the identically-clad Saudi ladies, never to be seen again.

“She is OUTTA HERE” confirmed a White House spokesperson during a briefing this morning.

“We were lifting burkas for an hour, and all we found were pissed-off Saudi Arabians. There have been rumours lately that the First Lady wasn’t happy with her life under lock-and-key at Trump Tower in New York since the inauguration, but we didn’t think she was going to leg it. And yet, leg it she has”.

President Trump has yet to notice the absence of his wife.