WWN Property: Choosing The Squat That’s Right For You


SQUATTING is becoming an increasingly viable option to the housing crisis, with many homeless people opting to attempt to live on abandoned or disused properties instead of waiting around for the government to do anything for them.

But with so much vacant property in our town centres these days, it can be hard to chose the right one for you (and perhaps your family) to settle down in, particularly when you need to be in the flat or house or empty shop or whatever for a very long time before you qualify for any sort of rights. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

1) The more secluded, the better

You may be tempted to squat somewhere that is more central to town, but be warned that these properties will be more visible to ordinary decent people who will tout you out to the authorities and have you thrown back onto the street. Places that are further out of town may be more at risk of violence and unsafe conditions, but at least you’ll have (most of) a roof over your head.

2) Think about getting out of the city

We’d all like to live in the city, but for many of us, the options open to us in the countryside might just seem more attainable. With soaring rents and house prices in our town centres nearing boom levels, it’s unlikely that you would be able to squat undisturbed for very long. A ghost estate just outside Mullingar? That’s yours for life, more or less. Granted, there are less amenities, but on the plus side you would be doing the government a favour by removing yourself from the city-centre homeless statistics.

3) Keep a bucket of sand nearby

You’re more or less on your own in a squat, so keep a bucket of sand handy should a fire break out, or you get attacked and need something to throw in their face. It’d be a massive pain in the arse for the government if you were to die while living rough, so do your best to stay alive. You don’t want the government to look bad, now do you?