WWN Fashion: Hit The Beach In This Aran Bikini


WANT to make waves this summer? Want to let everyone in Lanzarote know you’re Irish, but you don’t want the tan-lines that you get when you wear your Galway jersey to the beach? Then the Aran bikini could be exactly what you need.

Available in one size and you’ll grow into it, this stunning two-piece is made from genuine unprocessed sheep hair and looks stunning no matter how overcast it is.

With colours ranging from off-white to nearly cream, the bikinis have proved to be incredibly popular among ladies who want to look like yes, they’re sexy, but also yes, they can hold a ram down while he’s getting de-horned.

Hand-knitted by a team of disapproving grandmothers in the Burren using the itchiest of materials possible, the garments retail exclusively in branches of Carroll’s Irish Gift Stores for €100 each.

“They make me feel sexy, but also ashamed at the same time,” said one girl we spoke to, about her recent purchase of the crocheted swimsuit.

“So in that respect, they’re the perfect bikini for an Irish girl. They remind me that yes, I’m attractive, but that being attractive is a sin and that every time I go to the beach Our Lady sheds a tear and that tear hits the ground and a black rose grows and that rose represents me as a woman, and I get to watch as its petals wither and die and fall to the ground without a husband, because men aren’t interested in marrying a woman who wears revealing clothes, they only want to bed them and leave them ruined”.

The Aran swimwear company have also announced that they will begin manufacture on a one-piece version of the outfit, which can also be used as a hammock