The Only 5 Irish Things Not Included In Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl Video


ED SHEERAN’S monster hit in the making which may be the greatest song of all time, just an unbiased opinion, hit the internet today with that video filmed in Ireland’s very own Galway.

After we picked our jaws up from the floor for a tenth time, and thanked the pop star for even thinking about Ireland at all, we got to examining the video in excruciating detail. That’s 44 people pouring over the video for 90 hours to bring you the only Irish things omitted from this glorious testament to Ireland which might be more gloriously patriotic than even Amhrán Na Bhfiann.

Aside from being worth €900 billion to Irish tourism, there’s a lot going on in the video, but WWN Viral was a little disappointed to see the absence of as many as a total of 5 Irish things.

Sure, there was a trad session, the lads from Love/Hate, chips and Irish dancing but we admit to being a little angry at Ed for leaving out some really treasured Irish things which he could have put into the video if he really cared about pandering to us Irish.

1) Where’s the fucking Eircom phonecard?

C’mon, you ginger Galway wannabe. Would it have killed you to include the limited edition 1998 Eircom phonecard which featured Boyzone being beaten up by the IRA? We see right through your attempt to get us eating out of your hand, it won’t work.

2) All the bad stuff

Look, Ed, we get it we’re class. And that you want to stay on our good side so you can play Croke Park every year and pocket a couple of million. But, Jesus, have you read the news at all recently? Would it have killed you to take some time out of making an inoffensive if indulgent ode to Galway that’s essentially a promotional tool for your bank balance, and you know, tip on in to Tuam and have a somber moment there.

3) The Pope’s visit to Ireland in 1979

We get it, it’s a carefree jaunt through an Irish city, but seriously, you didn’t think of including this in your video?

4) Inaccurate depiction of an assault

One very Irish thing you left out of the video was a stamp to the head that boozed up Irish men are famed for. And adding the fact you’re a tattooed ginger into the mix, there is no doubt that anyone who felt slighted by a dart to the back or spilled pint wouldn’t just stop with one punch to the face. Yet another Irish thing you left out pal; the 22 hour wait in A&E as you nurse a broken jaw and concussion.

5) A Reference To Italia 90

The producers of this music video had plenty of chances to fit in a clip of Packie Bonner saving Dani Timofte’s weak penalty kick in the quarter finals of the Italian World cup in 1990, but they didn’t, forcing everyone here in the office to scoff at their sheer amateurism, but the AIB atm machines cameo at the 1:29 mark kind of makes up for it.