Local Atheist Respectful Of Idiotic People’s Faith In Ridiculous & Sadistic Sky Gods


A LOCAL ATHEIST has confirmed that when being confronted with the reality that some people are religious he maintains a respectful manner despite the fact they ‘believe in sadistic sky Gods who hand out terminal illnesses like they were candy’.

“Look, I think people are free to believe in a giant two-headed Hippo, who grants wishes out his arsehole. I don’t care, I don’t really go in for that whole aggressive and dismissive tone some atheists have when talking with people about their idiotic faith,” explained 21-year-old atheist Gerrard Delahunty, who is in no way insufferable.

Delahunty admits to being happy to debate religion in the comments section of just about everywhere, however, he stops short of allowing childish name calling to weed its way into his arguments, preferring to use speech that relies on logic and arguments that expose the logical fallacies of others.

“Dopey cunts can believe whatever they want, thick as shit people tend to,” Delahunty added, keen to stress he is a world away from the somewhat unhelpful stereotypes that dog many atheists.

“Like, ever heard of science?” Delahunty, who still struggles to understand photosynthesis, asked.

“I’d be afraid of blowing their tiny minds if I really didn’t hold back. It does irk me sometimes, how hostile religious people are to my lack of faith but I wouldn’t want to be as hypocritical as a religious person and contradict myself by displaying behaviour contrary to the type I say I practice. So I never insult the empty-headed lemmings that prop up the child abuse factory you might call a church,” Delahunty concluded, presumably off on his way to ruin a social gathering gathering or family meal.