Pet Shop Boys Bought Out By Maxi Zoo


ICONIC 80s electro-pop duo The Pet Shop Boys have been bought up by retail giant Maxi Zoo, leading to outrage from fans who had bought tickets to see the legendary artists on tour this summer.

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe had been in the second stage of a world tour when the buy-out took place, leaving upcoming gigs such as their dates in Dublin’s Bord Gais Energy Theater in jeopardy.

While exact details of the buy-out have yet to be released, many are fearing that the Pet Shop Boys output from here on, may be based less on artistic synth-heavy anthems and more on budgie cages with built-in drinking facilities at incredible prices.

“I paid to see them sing Go West, not to be sold an aquarium with a self-cleaning filter,” said one irate Pet Shop Boys fan, tearing up his ticket to the upcoming gig.

“The boys have been on the go for over 35 years without selling out to a big business, so I’m very disappointed that they’ve gone down this road. But that’s big business, isn’t it? Huge retail chains buying out smaller outlets. Well, if Maxi Zoo think they can top West End Girls, they’re welcome to try”.

UPDATE: Reports are coming in to WWN that the Pet Shop Boys have made so much money from the deal that both of them actually smiled for the first time ever.