Trump’s Tax Reforms Written On Smudged McDonald’s Napkin


PRESIDENT Trump’s newly unveiled tax reforms have been welcomed by the poorest rich people in America, despite the fact the proposed extensive changes to the tax system was clearly hastily written on a napkin from the McDonalds closest to the White House.

Naysayers will point to the fact the reforms outlined in bullet point form contain next to know specifics, could cost as much as $7 trillion and pale in comparison to the 500 page plus tax reform dossier produced by former Republican President Ronald Regan, when he proposed a similarly ambitious overhaul of the tax codes.

Many Americans crave a simplified, better functioning tax system, but the brevity of Trump’s napkin plans have inspired little faith with some suggesting the President is just desperate to look like he’s doing something, anything as his 100th day in office approaches.

“Allegations that I panicked and scribbled out my tax reforms on a napkin in the last 10 minutes, just so I could rush out something ahead of my first 100 days in office is accurate nonsense,” Trump said to reporters as he dabbed away ketchup from his mouth with the napkin, further smudging what little detail there was.

Full of enthusiasm for the plan was Gary Cohn, economic adviser to the President, who is tasked with turning Trump’s very coherent ramblings, which seek to further enrich the rich while simply telling the poor they’re no longer poor, into something that won’t bankrupt America.

“I’m just going to stand here for several minutes, heap some praise on the magnificent President who is the best ever President, all so he doesn’t fire me. This will give some time to figure out what exactly is written on this napkin, but I suspect it’s something about making sure his family make some serious money in the next few years and I might just throw something in there for myself too while I’m at it,” the former Goldman Sachs COO shared with WWN.