WWN Guide To Surviving A Nuclear Apocalypse


WITH death by nuclear fire back at the top of everyone’s ‘shit I’m afraid of right now’ lists, many people have started thinking about preparing for survival in a scorched, post-apocalyptic wasteland.

If you’re unsure as to what you should ‘pack’ for your journey into the unknown, then allow WWN to walk you through 5 things every Irish person should have in their bunker…

1) Drink

Life in a nuclear fallout shelter is zero craic, unless you get yourself well oiled. Remember; space is limited, so don’t stow cans. Spirits are a far more concentrated, effective way to get yourself shit-faced and ignore the scrabblings of the damned as they try to claw their way in.

2) Iodine pills

The government sent them to you, you threw them in the drawer with the old birthday cards and the Nokia chargers.. now’s the time to put them iodine-ey bad boys to use! Put them in your bunker so you can neck them swiftly when the time comes.

3) Pills

While you’re at it, stash away as many tabs as you can so that no mater how bad the outside world may seem, you’re just sitting there on a big floaty cloud of yeah boyyyeeeeeee.

4) Cards

What’s a session without a few hands of Poker or 25? Make sure you keep a few decks below deck so that even if you’re the sole survivor of an airburst over Athlone, you can have a game of Patience while you wait for death.

5) Toilet roll

Radiation poisoning or not, nobody likes a soggy arse.