Maternity Hospital Will Respect Rights Of The Mother ‘If She’s Married’, Confirms Spokesnun


THE Sisters of Charity have confirmed that the new €300 million national maternity hospital will always respect the rights of the mother and the baby, “as long as she’s married”, a spokesnun told WWN today.

Sister Gertrude Dingleberry, a member of one of 18 religious orders that were included in the €1.5 billion redress scheme with the State in 2002 for child abuse, said the new maternity hospital would not generate any revenue for the Sisters of Charity, and also advised the Nation not to worry about them taking sole ownership of the hospital, a decision made by the Department of Health.

“We won’t receive one red cent from this takeover, so please don’t even think of asking for the rest of that 3 million euro compensation we owe the victims of child abuse in our industrial schools,” Sr Dingleberry said, while blessing hospital blueprints with some holy water, “We’ll get it right this time; God was on holidays during those dark days of abuse, but he’s back now to guide us through the running of this new maternity hospital”.

The congregation, which owns the country’s largest public and private hospital on St Vincent’s campus, said it will “reach out to all creeds and backgrounds… and give a good service to women who are married”.

“As long as they treat God right, we’ll treat them right,” Sr Dingleberry added, now showing this reporter a section at the back of the hospital for unmarried mothers, “and we’ll even deliver the babies of those who got pregnant out of wedlock in this specially designed wing of the new hospital, which will have it’s own self-catering and laundry facility”.

Asked what the large area beside the proposed wing called “pit” was for, she declined to answer and abruptly ended the interview.