Fans Catch Glimpse Of New Star Wars Movie In Latest Skellig Michael Trailer


EAGLE-eyed fans of Skellig Michael have noted that the latest trailer for the rocky island also features ‘easter egg’ style shots of upcoming Star Wars movie The Last Jedi.

The entire population of Ireland tuned in to watch the 2 minutes and 13 seconds trailer for the stunning UNESCO world heritage site, before taking to social media to proclaim just how amazing the Atlantic-set island looked.

Although the trailer initially seemed to contain nothing but breathtaking shots of the windswept and wave-battered shores and peaks of Skellig Michael, observant viewers later posted that if you pause the trailer at certain points, you can just make out the characters, vehicles and sets of Star Wars Episode VIII, which is due for release this Christmas.

“If you look closely between the birds-eye view shot of Skellig Michael from high above and the low-level shot looking in at the island from the waves, you can just about see Luke Skywalker and Rey standing there,” said one Kerry-based Skellig Michael nerd, posting on a Skellig Michael fansite forum.

“And later, when the music kicks in, you can see glimpses of Finn, Poe Dameron, BB8 and all the rest. It’s great that the makers of Skellig Michael: The Movie thought to include these fun little snippets, but really what we Irish people are here for is Skellig Michael itself. Look at it; it’s fucking amazing. Those rocks. That greenery. Just the Irishness of it all. It’s a great day to be an Irish person, living so close to a rock formation in the Atlantic ocean”.

Skellig Michael: The Movie is due to make record-breaking amounts of money for the Irish tourism industry, with sequels and spin-offs expected for the next 50 years or so.