It’s An Easter Miracle! Bus Drivers Might Drive Buses Again!


PROVING that the guiding hand of God Almighty is still in effect even in these dark times, He has provided rural Ireland with the possible miracle of bus drivers actually driving buses just in time for Easter.

A recommendation to end the strike has come from the Labour Court, with unions and Bus Éireann looking like they may finally allow for a brief respite from a lack of services around the country and the achievement is indisputably being attributed notorious miracle practitioner God.

God’s ability to end industrial action is even more extraordinary given that Ireland has been without a Minister for Transport since the government formed a year ago.

“Rejoice! For He has saved us all,” an elderly woman from Carlow shared with WWN, who was just 12 when the latest Bus Éireann staff strike began.

While religious experts had not yet verified the miracle, they admitted that was God involved in any way, it would rank among his most impressive feats to date.

“I believe! Praise the Lord,” shared another commuter, who didn’t believe, but was eager not to anger anyone up there in case a strike was to recommence.

The scarcely believable sight of bus drivers boarding buses and operating buses is set to astonish and astound thousands of non-believers from some time on Friday.