How Ireland Would Look Under Shania Law


REGARDLESS of the stance on immigration, refugees, a multi-cultural society… the vast majority of people in Ireland are on the same page when it comes to Shania law; namely, we are not in favour of it.

Considered a barbaric, out-dated system of social order, Shania law has been banned in most western countries, and with good cause. Here’s some of the terrifying, unthinkable things that could become a reality in Ireland should Shania law be implemented:

1) Gender confusion

We’re living in an unprecedented age for non-CIS people, with gender divides finally being addressed in a bid to bring happiness to all. Under Shania law, all this is in jeopardy; men who feel like women will start to feel like men, and women who feel like women might feel like men, where does the madness end?

2) Lack of enthusiasm

Activities and emotions that would have brought you joy before will be removed under Shania law, replaced by a general sense of ‘meh’. You could watch someone ramp their car over 13 burning buses and land perfectly on the other side, and it wouldn’t impress you much.

3) No divorce

When you get married under Shania law, you get married for life. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner get sick of each other after ten years, they’re still the one. You want a divorce? Not under Shania law. There are no concessions to any non-religious doctrine. There’s Shania law, and secular law, and never the twain shall meet.