Cheaper, Easier-To-Build Houses Somehow Just As Expensive As All Other Houses On Market


IF you’re a property developer struggling to make your way back to the heady days of pre-crash Ireland, you may be concerned that the houses you’re building today will not fetch a high enough price due to the streamlined, thrown-up manner in which they were built.

Well, WWN property has some good news for you; even though you may be using cheaper labour and cheaper materials, you can still charge as much for each property as you would have done if you had used the best quality available to you!

With the market starved of supply and potential homeowners ravenous for a place to live, property developers can once again relax and get back to building hastily-designed, sprung-up-like-mushroom housing. All without lowering their profit margin to reflect the lower cost of construction.

“Don’t worry about selling a house that should only cost 200k for 350k, nobody is stopping to think about things like that,” said one local property developer, who learned a lot of lessons about humility during the crash but luckily has forgotten them all now.

“If you want to build quick, affordable timber-frame housing but still charge for a solid redbrick home, then go ahead and knock yourself out. If anyone complains, just sell it to any of the thousands of other people that are desperate to get out of the rental market. It was looking a bit worrying there for a minute, but luckily everyone has lost the run of themselves again!”

Meanwhile, the cost of a new home has risen by €15,000 since you began reading this article.