Plumber Will Finish Job Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Next Year, Who Knows


WATERFORD plumbing and heating nixerologist Martin Fennell has made assurances to a worried client that he’ll be around later today to finish the work he started on her bathroom, failing that he’ll be around tomorrow or maybe later in the week, it’s just hard to say at this stage.

Fennell began the renovation work for Maura McGahon earlier this week, before leaving the job unfinished at four o’clock in the afternoon with no explanation, never to be seen again.

Calls by Mrs. McGahon to the 27-year-old handyman have sought clarity as to why he walked away leaving her literally without a pot to piss in, but as yet Fennell has not clarified anything except ‘he needed bits’.

With hours turning into days and days threatening to turn into weeks, Fennell eased Mrs. McGahon’s worries by assuring her that the job would definitely get finished, although he failed to nail down roughly when that would happen.

“2017 is wide open,” said Fennell over the phone, as he ate a sandwich in his van.

“Are you going anywhere for holidays in the summer? If so, leave me a key and I’ll tip in and see what I can do. Or winter? before Christmas, I promise. I just needed a thing for the back of the yoke, and the shop didn’t have one so they had to send away and sure you know yourself, I was away on another job by then but I promise, this evening I’ll be around”.

“Or next year. One or the other. You can count on it”.