Hailo App Name Change To ‘mytaxi’ Brings An End To Singing Beyoncé’s Halo While Ordering Taxis


THOUSANDS of Hailo app users have expressed their sadness following the end of a treasured past time carried out between the hours of 10pm and 4am, usually on weekends, following the app’s change of name to mytaxi.

Distraught passengers of Hailo taxis must now reckon with the harsh reality that singing the lyrics to Beyoncé’s pop classic ‘Halo’ will be devoid of all humour, craic and banter now the app has changed its name.

“I could be wrong, and I’m open to correction but I’m almost certain Bey has no songs about mytaxi,” a solemn app user Ciara Laffy shared with WWN in the back of a taxi on Dublin’s Camden Street at 2am.

Laffy and three of her friends defiantly sang Halo in the direction of their taxi driver 11 times in between raucous bouts of infectious laughter, but were forced to admit the magic had now gone.

Harrowing stories such as Laffy’s one have become part and parcel of the taxi ordering habits of mytaxi users since the name change, with a grass roots movement to create a new song you can drunkenly sing at the top of your lungs on repeat, while in a taxi, gaining traction.

Pressure is continuing to grow on Beyoncé as drunken revellers demand the superstar write a new ode to taxi ordering that is unbelievably catchy and has the potential to chart at number 1 around the world.

“I’m no song writer,” 59-year-old taxi user and tipsy ‘Halo’ singer Noel Creedon shared with WWN, “but if Queen Bey needs a hand with lyrics, I mean it could be ‘up in this mytaxi, taking it to the maxi’ only sung real good like Beyoncé and ya know, sexy dancing,” added Creedon.

Elsewhere, taxi drivers collectively sighed ‘thank Christ’ at the news that drunken Halo singing has come to an end.

[WWN-Post-Info-Box]Hailo is now mytaxi, download the app now.[/WWN-Post-Info-Box]