Electric Picnic Line-Up Looks Shit, Says Everyone Without A Ticket


THE line-up announced for this year’s Electric Picnic arts festival has been declared one of the worst in living memory by thousands of non-ticket holders, WWN can confirm.

With acts such as A Tribe Called Quest, Duran Duran and The xx announced as headliners across the three day event, fans of acts such as A Tribe Called Quest, Duran Duran and The xx who failed to snap up tickets took to social media to state that this year’s EP was probably going to be the worst ever.

“It’ll probably piss rain all weekend too,” said one massive Duran Duran fan, coming back to normal following a full hour of cursing at the Ticketmaster website.

“Who wants to go see Duran Duran while off their face in a field full of sound people anyways? My idea of a nightmare, if you ask me. Camping? Riding strangers, eating delicious artisan grub and chilling out for three days, maybe catch a bit of comedy in the comedy tent if you’re too fucked to move in the middle of the day? Sounds shite. EP has had its day”.

Additions to the line-up such as Run The Jewels, Interpol, Madness and Pete Tong only served to anger ticketless fans even further, with many suggesting that the event was so worthless at this stage, ticket holders would be better served by sticking their passes up on eBay at cost price or lower, at which point they’d do them a favour and take them off their hands.