Latest Drone Strike On Syrian School “Better Than Obama’s”, Confirms Trump


PASSIONATELY defending his record on killing innocent civilians with drone strikes against that of his predecessor, Barack Obama, US President Donald Trump has claimed that the drone strike which has killed at least 30 innocent people in a Syrian school has surpassed any innocent loss of life under the Obama regime.

“My drone strike was the best, believe me,” Trump defended batting away statements from journalists which seemed to suggest having carried out 20,000 drone strikes over 8 years, Obama had the superior civilian death toll. This latest statement could possibly be yet another example of a lie shared by the President.

“No, mine is the best, believe me. Killing innocent people in a school, it’s the best, everyone is saying it,” Trump added, clearly incensed that there were people attempting to give Obama credit, even suggesting that Obama’s strike on a hospital in Afghanistan was the best erroneous drone strike ever carried out by a self-proclaimed Leader of the Free World.

The Republican went on to deny that his much vaunted plan to defeat ISIS was near identical to the previous administration’s; involving targeted and precision mistakes which lead to the loss of innocent life, followed by no accountability.

“Wrong,” countered Trump shutting down one journalist, “we’re going to mess up drone strikes on such a level, it’ll make your head spin. I’ll get two Nobel Peace Prizes, believe me”.

Responders to the scene of the drone strike suggested that the difference between the two methods was “unclear to them”.

Elsewhere, there were further problems for President Trump as he threatens to set the KGB on Republicans who don’t vote for his replacement healthcare plan for Obamacare.