4 Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Sick Of Your Shit


THE CONCEPT of a guardian angel watching over each and every one of us can be an enormous comfort for most, with many believing that the spiritual beings give people guidance in their lives and protect them from harm. But how do you tell if your guardian angel is happy with the way you have been behaving, or indeed, if they are actually sick of your shit? WWN spiritualist Fintan McLeprosy has more.

Angels are spiritual beings who have a very different frequency compared to humans, so it can be hard for them to communicate with you through earthly means. However, angels do leave signs for us when they are sick of your bollocks, which I have listed below.

Twitching Noise In Ear While Lying In Bed

Many people can go through a whole lifetime without ever experiencing their ear making a sort of Pacman noise while lying in bed. But for those who have, it can be a sign that you’re in the bad books. Guardian angels cannot influence the material world, but they can, however, make love to your inner ear when you’re trying to sleep. Many people report this after masturbating, or after having impure thoughts about someone, and angels hate this kind of carry on, and are therefore left with no other option but to skull fuck your ear as penance.

Stubbing Your Little Toe Off The Bed Post While Half Asleep On Your Way To The Jacks

If you stub your toe off the bed post/leg while half asleep on your way to the jacks, then you have definitely pissed off your guardian angel, big time! You think you have successfully walked past that bed, and then boom, you crack your pinky toe off its stupid leg, sending excruciating pain signals to your brain. This didn’t just happen out of nowhere. Nine times out of ten it means you have really pissed off your guardian angel and they want you know it. Try not humming that annoying theme tune to yourself in future, or stop rolling your nose mucus with your fingers and flicking it into the fireplace. Angels hate that kind of thing as they have to stand there watching you do it.

Peaky Blinders Streaming At A Very Slow Rate On Netflix

What the hell did you do, you fucking animal? To be honest, we don’t even want to know, but whatever it is, it must have been pretty bad, considering you were allowed to watch Breaking Bad uninterrupted a couple of years back. Look, it’s not the end of the world, however, you do need to start behaving a bit more if you want to see Peaky Blinders season 3 without interruption. My advice would be to buy as many crystals as you can and place them strategically around your TV. And more importantly, cop on to yourself.

Not Receiving Any Facebook Likes On A Humorous Status Update You Posted

What will we do with you at all, eh? There’s probably no helping you at this stage, so best hold off on posting anything for a while, until himself calms down there behind you. Angels are cunts when it comes to messing around with Facebook’s algorithm. They can cut your reach with the click of a finger. That Facebook status was hilarious in fairness and should have at least got four or five likes from your 600 friends, obviously something is up with the other fella. Best give it a break for the moment and cull some friends. He’ll be grand in a while, just needs to cool off.