Local Man’s Best Friend Cheating On Him With Sounder, Better Looking Lad


“THE SIGNS were there, I just didn’t want to see them”. The words of heartbroken friend and banter enthusiast James Henley, after his suspicion that his best friend Conor Cassidy was cheating on him with a sounder, better looking lad was confirmed.

“I could never make Conor laugh the way this new lad can, I had no idea Conor’s voice went that high,” James shared, his head buried in his hands as the devastation at being replaced washed over him like a tsunami of hurt.

James had suspected for a number of weeks that Conor, his best mate of 11 years could be seeing someone else for all his platonic, heterosexual friendship needs, following Conor’s announcement that he was now playing 5-a-side football twice a week.

“We, I mean ‘the lads’. We play on a Monday, and suddenly Conor says he’s playing on Tuesdays with work as well. The cracks were beginning to show, I wanted to paper over them, oh God how I wanted to paper over them,” an emotional James said before screaming in agony.

As his suspicions grew, James took to attending Tuesday’s 5-a-side matches in disguise and was heartbroken by what he saw.

“They were laughing and joking. Showing each other videos on their phones before kick off. They were even saying Anchorman quotes to each other, but that was our thing,” James said of Conor’s clear chemistry with new best friend ‘Alan’.

“Conor was so brazen, he even started dropping Alan into conversation. ‘Alan did this’ or ‘Alan said that’, alright I get it! He’s taller and better looking than me, and he has the full Liverpool kit, not just the jersey. I can’t compete with that, I’ve been replaced,” James concluded, sounding off a warning to all best friends to ‘enjoy it while it lasts’.

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