Cool Waiter To Take Food Order While Sitting Down Beside You


NOT one for conforming to society’s standards, Dublin based waiter Fiachra Brennan has today inadvertently shattered the barriers between professional and customer by bravely sitting down at the table while taking a food order.

Captured on CCTV earlier, Brennan can be seen hovering over table 18 in Macey’s Bistro on Capel street shortly after 3pm, before then pulling up a seat beside the a customer and brazenly asking them what they would like to eat.

“At first I thought he was some guy who mistook which table he was at,” customer Darren Roche recalls, “when he asked me what I would like to eat, the penny dropped, and I thought to myself how unorthodox the whole situation was. I felt slightly uncomfortable, but yet part of something really special. Little did I know it would make the news”.

Basking in the success, Brennan, (29), repeated the move several times over his shift, however, not every diner was impressed with his new routine.

“I feel slightly violated,” one unimpressed customer explained, who sent back a glass of wine because they believed it was ‘corked’, “like, who the hell does he think he is sitting down at our table like that? What if I had an imaginary friend or something, that idiot would have sat on them and ruined the whole meal”.

Asked whether he would continue his personalised order taking, Brennan replied: “Only if I feel the customer deserves that kind of attention. It’s something I will only do for very special customers”.