So Sad! Kate Moss Melts Into Waxy Puddle After Getting Too Old


WHILE many people knew this day was coming sooner rather than later, former supermodel Kate Moss has finally melted into a waxy puddle after becoming too old, WWN can confirm.

Attending a lavish Vogue magazine covering the launch of a new Snapchat selfie by Kylie Jenner, Moss had complained of feeling ‘warm’ only to slowly melt before everyone’s eyes.

“Cindi Crawford last week, now Kate, who’s next? If only we could take them behind a shed when they hit 25 and shoot them, but this isn’t Hollywood, this is fashion, we have a conscience,” shared Anna Wintour, visibly upset by the sight of a once beautiful woman reduced to an amorphous puddle.

There was a silver lining for Moss as people at the party conceded that the British woman ‘completely owned’ the waxy puddle look. However, not everyone was sympathetic about the tragedy that had befallen the model.

“She knew the deal when she started and frankly we all do. She was lucky they let her carry on past 21 if you ask me,” shared Bebop Jasmine Sky, the 13-year-old, 1/64th Cherokee Victoria Secrets lingerie model.

Moss was unable to comment on her new form as her mouth, eyes and other prominent features had melted, replaced by a nondescript shape which will soon harden.