Taoiseach’s Speech On Tuam To Be Followed By Decade Of Delaying Investigations


A STIRRING speech in the Dáil this week by the leader of the country regarding the burial of children in a septic tank by nuns operating a mother and baby home is set to be followed by at least a decade of delays, obstruction and frustration, WWN can reveal.

‘Never again’ Enda Kenny shared in a speech which saw an Irish Taoiseach utter the phrase for the 2,537th time in the Dáil, prompting hope among the public that a swift and clear timeline for ascertaining the facts would be drawn up immediately.

“Never again,” the Taoiseach added again, believing the phrase to contain magical properties that rendered people satisfied enough to go away and get on with their lives again, without feeling the need to do anything.

“You can’t say fairer than that, in fairness. What are we supposed to do, come together as a society and demand Irish institutions finally function properly and efficiently and separate Church from State, come on now, I’ve a full time job,” shared a member of the public who was relieved one speech in the Dáil allowed him to go back to feeling less guilty about Irish society.

“We should just leave them to sort it all out in their own time, that’s never steered us wrong before”.

Despite claims from the State that justice will be served, it is believed that since this is Ireland, the general public has been warned not to get its hopes up and instead strap in for decades of delays before a final report or inquiry publishes watered down findings, which offer little in the way of solace for survivors of mother and babies homes and relatives of those who died in one of the institutions alongside a number of recommendations that will be ignored by whoever is in charge of government by then.

“What you have to understand is there are several institutions here that will be desperately scrambling to ensure they get none of the blame, you’ve got the Catholic Church, the Bon Secours order, the State, the health service. This is going to be a lovely parade of shameless self-preservation,” shared one member of the public who is old enough to remember the 2008 banking crisis and how none of that was resolved.

“You think you’re disgusted by people’s behaviour and actions now? You haven’t seen anything yet”.

Elsewhere, the Taoiseach’s speech writer has come in for criticism for plagiarising his previous speeches on the Grace Report, the Garda Whistleblower reports, the Magdalene Laundries, the Murphy Report, the report into deaths of children in state care, the report into Maternity hospitals and 478 other reports which all resulted in widespread demonstrations and action from the public.