We Meet The Couple Still Together 20 Years After Answering ‘For A Good Time Call Me” Graffiti


“YOU never think you’re going to meet the love of your life by dialling a number you found scrawled on the cubicle wall of the toilets in your local GAA social club, but here we are 20 years later!” beamed Seamus Brannihan, cuddling up to his wife Lorraine in their Waterford home.

The Brannihans, believed to be the only couple in the history of the state to have met and found love due to a ‘For a good time, call 0xxx’ message, admit that the start of their courtship was unorthodox but claim that it’s ‘nothing unusual today’.

“I can’t really remember when or why I was in the gents toilets of the GAA club, but I was probably shitfaced at the time, looking for a ride,” said Lorraine Bannihan, née O’Malley.

“I didn’t get a call for nearly a year; Seamus was the only person to even consider ringing a strange number on a toilet wall. But we met for a few pints, rid each other rotten, got married, had three or four kids and we’re still together today”.

“It may seem odd, but it was just a primitive form of Tinder when you think about it. I was looking for a good time, he was looking for a good time, we got together and had a good time… in the pre-internet days, that’s how we had to do it”.

Settling in for another blissful evening, the Brannihans took a moment to encourage other lovelorn souls to take a chance on graffiti dating.

“If the message says that she’s looking for a massive cock right now, then there’s a possibility that she’s looking for a massive cock right now,” said Seamus.

“You’ll never know until you ring that number!”