Disgusting! This Man Lost 14 Stone And Then Fat Shamed His Old Self


LOSING weight is probably the hardest thing any human being on the planet will have to do in their lives. Spending hours in the gym every week and conforming to strict low carb diets is not easy and those who dedicate themselves to such a gruelling task should be treated with respect, no matter what the circumstance, except for people like Dublin man, James Hewett, that is.

Once a massive 28 stone, you would think the former obese bus driver would be a little more caring and understanding towards his former fat self, but you would be wrong.

“When I look at old photographs of myself I begin to cry,” the fat-shammer openly mocked, in front of this reporter, “I looked disgusting and was very unhappy with my life. I was ashamed to go out with my friends because of my weight – I was a right state”.

Casually scrolling through more old photographs on his phone to ridicule and put down, Hewett was all too eager to continue his tirade, forcing me to actually bite my lip in disgust at his prejudice.

“Look at this one of me in the pool two years ago,” he said, now grimacing like he was mister perfect all of a sudden, “I was a fat disgusting pig, but right now I’ve never felt better about myself; I have more energy, I can even see my penis again and I’m on top of the world”.

When asked why he was so mean to the person in the photographs, the now chiselled, but obvious ignorant bastard, defended his stance, trying to claim some kind of ‘ownership’ when speaking about his fat, vulnerable self.

“I thought you were going to cover my weight loss story for the newspaper,” he barked, now on the back foot like some kind of cornered rat, desperate to escape, “I lost 14 stone, and all you can do is accuse me of fat shaming myself? What drugs are you on?”

With that, I promptly terminated the interview, proudly telling him what a disgusting human being he was, and that if he was even half the man his fat self was, he might have some chance of being liked or even accepted by the online community, or even me.

Mr. Perfect then walked away in disgust, licking his wounds and hopefully taking what I said on board… but I doubt it, as some people in this world are just heartless assholes who need to be shown a lesson.