We Review Dublin’s Newest Pop-Up Restaurant


DUBLIN’S bustling Temple Bar area has seen countless trendy pop-up eateries come and go over the past number of years, so it was with great excitement that the WWN crew headed in to town to check out the latest one; ‘You’re Not Alone’, located right in the sheltered area directly underneath the Central Bank.

In keeping with the Pop-up trend of catering to one particular type of customer: pizza lovers, chicken wing aficionados, ‘You’re Not Alone’ cater to one of the most common customer types in Dublin city; the homeless.

Serving a wide range of hot food, sandwiches, warm drinks and nutritious meals, ‘You’re Not Alone’ opens at 8am and like most pop-up restaurants, stays open until they’re completely out of food to distribute, something that happens quicker than some people would like.

“It’s all down to what they have to give out, so if you’re not here fast enough then you’re out of luck,” said one of Dublin’s 2,870 homeless people.

“The produce is all donated by local businesses and charitable people, and it gets snapped up pretty quickly. If more was donated, then more people could go to bed with food in their bellies, it’s that simple”.

Adding a unique extra to their service that has yet to make its way into other pop-up restaurants, ‘You’re Not Alone’ also acts as a distribution centre for clothes, blankets, shoes and other useful items, all donated by people and all going to ‘You’re Not Alone’ customers.

We found the restaurant to be great value. While a half-dozen chicken wings and a beer could cost you 20 quid in some trendy wing bar in the area, a homeless person can rock up to ‘You’re Not Alone’ and get a sandwich, a mug of soup, a coffee, a sleeping bag, a pair of boots and a rain coat for the great-value price of zero euro.

And we found it refreshing to see at least one pop-up restaurant in the Temple Bar area that gives out food on plates and in bowls, and not on a fucking roof tile or something.

You can like ‘You’re Not Alone’ on Facebook for more details here, or attend their big solidarity sleep-out event this Friday 24th February at the Central Bank at 8PM.