Young Professionals Entering Bar Think You’re Impressed By Their Presence


A GROUP of professionals working in the centre of Dublin city has been shocked to discover no one in the pub they have just entered are remotely impressed by them, WWN can reveal.

Taking a break from high pressured jobs and seeking respite a world away from the hustle and bustle of the Helter skelter pace of their working lives, the professionals aged between 23-27 divined to absolutely ruin the lunchtime of the regulars in Haybury’s pub.

Laughing loudly upon entering the pub, wearing what they presumed to be expressions befitting incredibly important people, the group were perturbed to see the heads of simple jobless folks remain unturned despite the fact they were wearing suits.

Exchanging glances with one another, the professionals telepathically communicated that they must have walked into a live filming of deliverance such was the lack of urbane and cocksure pomposity present in the pub.

Ordering drinks as part of a highly important liquid lunch, each member of the party used an abbreviation to describe a drink or brand of beer that required no abbreviation, unaware that with each loud exclamation about pointless and inane work related piffle, the group of professionals grew closer to being the most obnoxious clientele Haybury’s had ever entertained.

“Bit of a weird vibe here, what are they all cousins who married each other, it’s like rejects for a casting call for a zombie movie,” one professional remarked who was guaranteed a punch if he uttered another syllable any time soon.