Manslaughter: The Solution To So Many Problems


MURDER: the most terrible of crimes. To end the life of another, there’s no coming back from that. Society demands that those guilty of this heinous crime be punished to the full extent of the law. But with our prisons at full capacity, what is the Irish judicial system to do? We can’t keep jailing people who kill other people; we just don’t have the room!

Introducing ‘Manslaughter’! All of the wrongful death, with just a fraction of the custodial sentence!

Having a charge of murder downgraded to manslaughter allows everyone to take a bit of a breather. The judge can get away with passing as lenient a sentence as they feel like, the prison system doesn’t have to put up with another mouth to feed for the next 25 years, and the government doesn’t have to invest any more funding into new prisons, or improving existing facilities.

The defendant simply needs to insist that when they killed the person they killed, they ‘didn’t really mean it’; that’s all that is required to save the taxpayer a good twenty-odd years of paying for bed & lodgings.

Killed someone after a fight? “I didn’t mean it”.
Stabbed someone who then died? “I didn’t mean it”.

You get out of jail after three or four years (less with good behaviour), and the State doesn’t have to deal with any over-crowding issues.

It’s the one stop solution that everyone is happy with.

Manslaughter; try it today!