He’s Done It Again! Amusing Dictator Shows His Hilarious Murderous Side


YOU can’t help but laugh at North Korea ‘Scamp in Chief’, Kim Jong Un, as his tyrannical grip on his people allegedly claimed another life, this time his half-brother Kim Jong Nam.

Putting to one side the regular imprisoning, torture and execution of political opponents and dissenters, international political experts have pointed out that such things are inherently amusing despite their best efforts to treat such crimes with the seriousness they deserve.

“He is testing nuclear weapons, that’s fucking terrifying, but at the same time just look at how fucking fat he is,” BBC reporter for South Korea and Japan, Marshall Dowdall explained to WWN.

“The death of his brother is worrying as he posed no obvious threat. Kim Jong Un is growing increasingly paranoid, which could soon have implications beyond just starving his own people, add that to the fact he’s apparently addicted to fucking cheese, and it’s a laugh riot,” NY Times correspondent Lydia Rivers explained suppressing her laughter.

Jong Un’s latest impression of a deranged madman has had a huge impact on international news, grabbing headlines around the world with possibility that more people will learn of his dictatorial ways. Recent research suggests the sharing of Kim Jong Un related memes have increased by 3000% in the last 24 hour hours.

“It is important to note innocent men, women and children die at his say so. Hundreds of thousands of North Korean are said to live in extreme poverty, and are subjected to famine conditions as Kim Jong Un and his cabal hoarding what little resources the country has for themselves,” explained North Korea expert Gareth McHanley.

“Having said that it is hard not to concede the fact that the idea of tapping him on his little head and saying something like ‘who’s a good little fat boy?’ is unquestionably amusing, and I feel awful for that,” he added, chuckling giddily.