“Don’t Worry, Your Voters Will Soon Get Used To You Letting Them Down” Martin Assures Donnelly


IN A bid to quell an online horde that is currently eviscerating Wicklow TD Stephen Donnelly, Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin offered up some reassurance, stating that the new deputy’s voters will soon ‘get used to being let down’.

Speaking in a party meeting this morning – the first for the newly appointed Brexit spokesman – Mr. Donnelly expressed concern over the backlash he has been receiving on his Facebook page following his move to the dark side.

“One person said I was a turncoat,” the 42-year-old politician told fellow Fianna Failers, visibly shaken at the torrent of criticism, something he has been unfamiliar with in the past, “many of them keep asking how I could say one thing last year, and do the opposite, this year”.

Met with a round of applause and hysterical laughter, Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin chimed in.

“Bless your cotton socks, pet,” Martin responded in a jovial tone, almost patronising, “Don’t worry, Stephen, the people who voted you in will soon get used to you leaving them down. This is how it works, kid, so you better learn to deal with it,” adding, while also pointing, “Sure, look at Mary Butler down there, who told her electorate in Waterford that she would secure a Cath lab for the local hospital; that’ll never happen, the fool’s.

“Your problem is that you’re too nice, Stephen, you’re with Fianna Fail now and breaking promises and evading question all comes with the territory; so man the fuck up!” Martin concluded.