Le Pen Just Translating Trump’s Tweets Into French At This Stage


AT the official launch of her campaign for the French presidency Marine Le Pen appeared to be speaking solely through translations of previous tweets by US President Donald Trump from English into French, WWN can reveal.

Le Pen’s support could grow in the coming months leading up to the May 7th election as her speech, believed to be heavily borrowed from Donald Trump’s Twitter account, stressed her desire to free the free people of France and give them the freedom they already have.

Sticking to themes of ‘kick anyone out who isn’t white’, ‘weren’t things much better here back in an undefined time period thanks to an undefined set of policies and principles’ and ‘all foreign countries simply exist with the sole purpose of trying to destroy our proud nation’, critics of the National Front leader suggested Le Pen’s divisive, simplistic and ultimately jingoistic rhetoric sounded a lot like Donald Trump’s tweets converted from English into French using Google Translate.

“I have large hands, and no one should call into question the size of my massive penis,” Le Pen continued, in the clearest case of Trump plagiarism.

“What are you unhappy and angry about? Me too,” Le Pen shared with a crowd of supporters, to huge applause. Le Pen also published a list of 144 commitments which saw her largely copy the empty and vague promises Donald Trump offered to the American electorate.

“All I ask of voters is to take everything I say at face value, and don’t bother fact checking or reading up on anything,” Le Pen concluded to a standing ovation.

Amongst Le Pen’s election commitments is to reduce the retirement age, lower income taxes, leave the EU and grow money trees to pay for it all.