Brexit Boom For Ireland As London Man Moves To Dublin


THE NEVERENDING positive economic fallout for Ireland thanks to Britain’s decision to exit the EU continues a pace so astounding even the most sober critics of the government cannot fault them, WWN can confirm.

The latest job announcement unveiled by the government and the Department of Finance represents a real coup for Ireland as the financial ‘brain drain’ out of London continues with confirmation that one London man will move to Dublin. The announcement is all the more impressive as it comes on the day Theresa May visited Dublin for crunch talks with the Taoiseach

Adrian Lombard, a pizza delivery man will take up an equivalent position in Ireland much to the delight of the government, who credit their forward thinking approach to Ireland in the post-Brexit years with securing the job.

“I’m a bit confused, is all this for me? This is a bit weird, why are there cameras. Is something wrong… did someone I know die?” Lombard said upon being greeted by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the entire government cabinet on a red carpet laid out on the tarmac at Dublin Airport.

“Adrian here is yet more proof we’re Brexit ready and his decision to jump ship from the financial and tech mecca that is London for Dublin proves the government is all over this whole Brexit thing,” the Taoiseach said as he trapped Lombard in a vice like handshake while posing in front of the cameras.

Assembled journalists, keen to hear from Lombard about why London post-Brexit is a desolate wasteland when compared to business utopia Ireland, asked just what swayed him to send this clear message to Theresa May and her government.

“Eh, my wife is Irish and we decided to come home at some point about 5 years ago, I’ve actually taken a pay cut to move over,” Lombard explained, still utterly bewildered by the attention.

The government confirmed a second ‘Brexit related’ job could be announced within the next year.