Trump Confirms Muslims Must Wear Crescent Moon With Star Armbands


EVERY MUSLIM in America from the 17th of February will be expected to wear an armband with a crescent moon with a star on it as part of a new law to be passed by American president Donald Trump, WWN can reveal.

Over 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States will first have to be registered under the new law, with failure to do so resulting in a mandatory 6 month prison sentence.

“This is just a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of our country,” a spokesman for the Trump administration explained the move, “we have already built several detention centres across the country to help deal with any objection from the Islamic community that could arise,” adding, “hopefully it won’t come to that”.

The new armbands, which are to be manufactured in the US and not China, are to be distributed across America from next week at a cost of $49.99 to each wearer, with discounts of up to $10 dollars for those who can prove that they’re the good Muslims, and not the bad ones.

“If there are any objections, we will simply seize the property and assets of those Muslims who clearly have no desire to put America First. Their property will then be given to responsible citizens who are ready to help America’s cause,” the spokeperson added.

The move comes just days after president Donald Trump issued a ban on all Muslims entering America from Muslim majority countries he doesn’t like the sound of, or has no financial dealings with, raising racial fears and forcing hundreds of thousands of people to protest the ban around the world.

The move has been widely welcomed by many Americans who voted for Trump.

“It’s only an armband, no big deal. The only Muslims objecting to wearing them obviously have something to hide, there’s no other reason you’d kick up a fuss about it,” shared one American we spoke to.