Quadcopter Drone Just Ain’t As Good As The Real Thing, Sighs Obama


“I WAS looking for something a little bit bigger,” said former POTUS Barack Obama, browsing the quadcopter section of his local hobby shop.

“What about this one over here? What kind of payload could it deliver?”

Upon being told that the multi-rotor model was one of the best available in terms of the weight it could carry, but warned that it lacks greatly in both range and battery life, Obama reluctantly handed over the cash and went home to set up what he has described as ‘a poor substitute’ for his last drone.

“Look, if he’s out in the yard flying his drone, it means he’s not under my feet in the house,” said Michelle Obama, speaking exclusively to WWN.

“He flies it up and down the block, watching the feed from the camera on his smartphone while making explosion noises. Then he’ll come in and complain about how it can’t carry even one Hellfire missile, or how his old Reaper drone could fly for 14 hours, but this one can fly for like, 2, tops. And I’ll say ‘look, Barack, get the hell out of my God damn house with those muddy boots'”.

WWN caught up with Obama later in the day, as he was making ‘one last pass’ of the neighbourhood before it got too dark.

“It’s just not what I’m used to,” said Barack, making the drone follow a school bus as it dropped kids off around the neighbourhood.

“But if I use my imagination, it brings back a lot of good memories”.

“Pow pow pow pow pow!” he added.

“Target neutralized!”.