Aer Lingus Immigration Arrests Just The Story Local Racist Has Been Waiting For


“I CAN’T explain it really. You just get this rush of adrenaline when you read something like that and before you know it, next thing, you’re in the comment section of the Irish Times, the Journal, the Indo, and jumping on Twitter obviously”

The ecstatic words of one local Waterford man and racist Garry Henley O’Dowd, recalling the wave of joy that crashed down upon him when he first learned of the news that two Aer Lingus employees had been arrested for their alleged part in a human trafficking operation.

“Our borders are flooded with the parasites, I mean, illegal immigrants. Well, when I’m posting under an anonymous name, it’s parasites, or actually one time I typed ‘parashites’ it was a typo, but the lads in the comment section loved it so I pretended I did it on purpose. They say it’s 500 illegals, but it’s obviously it’s 10, 20 times that,” the local racist enthused.

Henley O’Dowd spoke of his own struggles and what it meant to him now to have the perfect opportunity to thunder into comment sections with having to disguise any of the rhetoric he normally uses.

“Couldn’t dream of a better headline. Caught them red handed, destroying our country, stealing our jobs, eying up our women, watching our Late Late Show and there’s nothing those snooty liberal fuckers on Twitter can say,” Henley O’Dowd said frothing at the mouth while taking a break from calling someone an idiot in an online comment section.

“See, people think this is a one off, but I know a lad in customs who says he’s always seeing illegal immigrants being let through, there’s got to be 50, 60 of them a day. You do the math. And can’t say something like this and just be genuinely concerned with being labelled a racist, ” the racist added.

Asked why he hadn’t done his part to solve the problem by going to the police with this information, he scoffed at the notion, pointing out the Gardaí are in fact ‘in on it’.

“There isn’t one person who isn’t trying to turn this country into a rainbow nation of scroungers. It’s the likes of me that are the only ones who want to preserve some law and order, and don’t come at me with that sex slaves, child prostitutes and slave labour nonsense,” he concluded, working himself up to the point of exhaustion.