Colleges Confirm You Don’t Need To Be Baptised To Attend


IN a move third level institutions will hope helps to drive more interest in courses, the Nation’s colleges have revealed that you don’t even have to be baptised to attend.

“We just know a few people whose primary and secondary school education which has been guided solely by religious orientation may be fearful it is the same case with third level education, but we take heathens too,” one college head honcho shared with WWN, “the vast majority of us are sound like that”.

Third level institutions are jointly launching an ad campaign which will target students still reeling from an experience in their childhood, which saw them passed over by a number of primary schools because they weren’t baptised.

“Listen, we’ll take anyone provided they have the points and that. If you’re a filthy non-Catholic who will no doubt burn in hell for eternity, we still want to hear from you,” the head of one Irish IT explained.

The ads which carry the slogan ‘Not baptised? Who gives a shit’ will be visible on billboards and bus stops around the country in the coming weeks.

“Catchy isn’t it,” offered one college chief, “yeah, that cost us €500,000 for an agency to come up with. Fuck, the sooner fees come in, the better”.