Lung Cancer Confirms It Doesn’t Give A Shit If You Smoke Or Not


IN A rare interview with the press, lung cancer, a malignant set of tumours found in the lungs, which causes great distress to those it afflicts, has spoken exclusively to WWN about its ongoing prevalence.

“When it comes to changing people’s lives forever, I don’t discriminate or favour any one group in particular really,” lung cancer admitted, “you could be exposed to asbestos, radon, be a passive smoker, the list goes on. I don’t give a shit if you smoke or not to be honest,” the disease added, revealing the way it can indiscriminately target someone’s lungs.

Lung cancer also took time to speak of its distaste for awareness campaigns and ‘do-gooders’ who encourage people to know the signs and symptoms.

“There’s always someone saying ‘get yourself checked’, which ruins a lot of the fun for me ‘cus the earlier I’m found the better chance people have of surviving me,” it admitted.

However, despite the pressure from cancer awareness groups it confirmed it doesn’t let its critics get it down.

“I get some amount of stick from passive smokers; the non-smokers, but I tell them it’s all tabloid lies this whole ‘only smokers get me’ shite,” one of the country’s most common cancers confirmed.

“I like to keep that on the down low, though, the more people think that only smokers get me, the less sympathy there is for sufferers. Suits me down to the ground. If people start thinking about radon levels, or exposure to asbestos and how it leads to cancer, I might be out of a job in the long term,” the disease confirmed.

The disease spoke openly about its dislike for people who encourage lifelong smokers to quit.

“Yeah, encouraging people you know to give up smoking, Christ that gets on my nerves. It’s all ‘you’re doing harm to yourself and those around you’ or ‘now is as good a day to quit as any’. But no one thinks about what happens to me if people take that step, I could disappear entirely,” the worried disease added.

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