Gardaí Seize Enough Cannabis To Supply Galway City For 10 Hours


GARDAÍ and revenue have seized a massive 1,873kg haul of lethal cannabis resin at Dublin Port over the weekend, enough to supply Galway city for ten whole hours.

The seizure, worth a street value of €37.5 million, comes as part of ongoing joint investigations targeting organised crime in Ireland, with this latest bust expected to cripple Dublin based gangs.

“There’s no coming back from this,” a source close to the Kinahan cartel explains, “the boss man probably bought the hashish for €300 a kilo in Morocco, which would have cost him over half a million euros, wholesale. I wouldn’t be surprised if Christy Kinahan just handed himself in after this find. He must be devastated”.

The knock-on effect of the seizure is also expected to leave tens of thousands of hash addicts strungout for hours.

“This amount of soapbar would keep Galway’s druggies smoking for up to ten hours,” Assistant Garda Commissioner John O’Driscoll explains, “this blow to Ireland’s billion euro drugs trade couldn’t have happened without the hard work the Gardaí and revenue have put into this operation… and of course the vulnerable informant we risked the life of, who will probably be gunned down in a hail of bullets in the next week or two,” adding, “But yeah, we did great. I’m fucking stoked, if I’m honest”.

Since its introduction to Ireland in the mid-20th century, cannabis has killed a staggering 75 million people in the republic state, and is responsible for almost every violent crime recorded in the state, including the troubles in Northern Ireland and the violent England V Ireland football clash in Lansdowne road in 1995. Cannabis has also been called the ‘gateway drug to alcohol’.