Obama Hailed For Torturing Chelsea Manning & Then Releasing Her


OUTGOING US President Barack Obama has rightly been hailed as a hero after he commuted the sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning, after allowing her to be subjected to inhumane conditions and torture for seven years.

In an act which speaks to the character and open hearted nature of the sure to be missed leader, president Obama allowed Manning to remain in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, despite the military woman never been charged with any crime.

“See, this is why we’re going to miss Obama when he’s gone, he is above all else a real humanitarian,” shared California native Amy Holden, speaking about the release of the whistleblower.

Subjected to conditions which experts claim will cause long term psychological issues, Manning has tried to take her own life several times while being detained without any formal charges.

“I’d like to see any Republican president do something this open hearted and progressive, fat chance,” New Yorker Barry Jenkins shared with WWN, proud to have had Obama as his president.

Labelled a ‘Maximum Custody Detainee’ despite never displaying any disciplinary problems while in custody, Manning was forbidden from engaging in exercise of any form. She was also denied bed sheets and a pillow.

“Focusing on the seven years of constant abuse of Manning’s human rights is missing the point, Obama is the type of person who thinks that eight years of torture is just fundamentally wrong and we should celebrate him as the hero he is for that,” Jenkins added.

Meanwhile, several ardent supporters of Obama, and his ability to pose for selfies with people they like, admitted to being momentarily conflicted by the details of Manning’s detention.

“There’s, like, a reason he did this. It’s probably a message to Trump; ‘don’t even think about imprisoning whistleblowers without trial like my administration did’. Yeah, that’s it. God, I’m gonna miss Obama,” confirmed one twitter user.