“Fake News Is Fine When It’s About Donald Trump”


AS PART of WWN’s Opinions series, we give a platform to people we really shouldn’t. Today is the turn of Matthew Albright, a staunch supporter of freedom of speech, equality and democracy.

There is no prouder a protector of democracy and its denizens than yours truly.

I am as anxious as anyone, cloaked in a despondent air as I was forced to watch the ignorance, hate and vitriol the US presidential campaign brought forth. But like you, I sought to rise above the bristled barbs and say ‘no more’. I envisage a future for our children that seeks to make the world a better place. A place that does not reward the trumpeting of the tyrannical or the bellowing of the bellicose.

We have all despaired at the damage fake news has done in recent times. From the monetarily motivated men in basements in Macedonia, crafting clickbait titles, with coaxing Trump supporters to click being their only aim. We weep for what we have lost, and how well those men succeeded. We weep too for how the once shining bastions of journalism failed us so spectacularly, be you Democrat or Republican.

Having said that DONALD TRUMP LET A PROSTITUTE PISS ON HIM! Facts are facts, even if I just skimmed a headline, that’s the only verification needed.

The fragility of democracy has become worryingly apparent and we are all now tasked with preserving it and the decency and civility enshrined within it. The toxic elements of Trump’s support have shown themselves ready and willing to treat such scared ideals with suspicion and contempt. They care not for fact, we all live in a post-truth world now. We must rise above, and show we will not fall foul of the same blind rage that led to so many baseless accusations thrown at Democrats, immigrants, war heroes, the infirm and on and on the list goes.

Now, having said all that, seriously, did you fucking read about how Donald Trump let someone piss on him? Ha, Christ, he’s one sick puppy. Look, I know we’re short on actual evidence on this one, but come on, it has to be true, it’s Donald fucking Trump. ‘Sad’, lol.

Just barely skimming the article on Buzzfeed, told me all I need to know. It’s not like it’s an unreliable news source, it’s Buzzfeed!

And have you heard how all his little troll followers are bitching and moaning about it. Well, that’s the sound of idiots finally being found out. I hope they impeach the fucker for this his first day in office for being pissed on even though it’s not an impeachable offence.

I get we’re not sure of the sources, but it’s pretty clear there’s no smoke without fire. You can’t be so racist, sexist and xenophobic and expect people to examine news like this and bother to acknowledge it may not be true. You don’t get to be that way and expect people to treat something as serious only if it has merit, that’s not how democracy works. #Pissonmyface

I find it insane he had to pay a prostitute to piss on his face, I’m sure plenty of people would do it for free (shit, don’t steal that, I might use it as a Facebook status later).

That golden shower explains the golden hair anyway, fuck me, I can’t believe he was caught red-handed doing that. Look, you can talk to me about fake news, and I hate it, but this is just too good to ignore; the real evidence will emerge but we don’t have to wait for it.