Government Confirm ‘Home Sweet Home’ Was Actually Their Idea


IN LIGHT of the government’s new €4 million investment in beds and facilities for Dublin City’s homeless population, precipitated by pressure from the Home Sweet Home group, the government confirmed that it was actually behind the initiative from the get go.

Asked to further explain their statement that the Home Sweet Home group and its campaign was actually the government’s idea all along, members of the assembled media queried was this the government’s idea of a viral marketing campaign.

“Eh, yeah, sure, that’s it. It was a viral thing,” Minister for Housing Simon Coveney confirmed, “just make sure to thank us, not Home Sweet Home, okay”.

The Minister went on to confirm that getting the public to care about homelessness was at the core of setting up Home Sweet Home, and that all praise for the initiative should be directed back to the government.

“Boy, did we fool you, but look we got you all to care about homeless people so we achieved our aims,” added the Minister.

A government spokeswoman went on to confirm that they were taken by surprise by how easy it was to manipulate the public.

“God, if we knew how popular caring about the homeless would be, we’d have done all this much sooner,” added a spokeswoman for the government, who went on to deny the government ever said Dublin did not need any more beds for homeless people before announcing the €4 million investment.