Out-Of-Control Madman Sends Email Without Subject In Heading


A TENSE stand-off between armed police and one Waterford man has entered its third hour today, after it was reported that the obvious psychopath had sent an email with no subject in the heading.

The rash, unheard of decision to send an email with no subject prompted the gardaí’s armed response unit to assemble at the Dungarvan home of 33-year-old Michael Conleth, believed to be the sender of the shocking missive.

Despite being cautioned by his email account that he was about to send a mail with no subject, Conleth went ahead and sent it anyways, in an act of madness that has been described as up there with the likes of ‘Anders Brevik and them boys’.

“We’ve established a perimeter around the house in case he makes any more rash decisions,” said a spokesperson for the armed response unit.

“The kind of person that ignores warning about emails with no subjects… that’s the kind of person that’s liable to just do anything. Storm out of here without any trousers on, waving a lawnmower over his head, send an email with an attachment but nothing written in the body of the mail… we’re dealing with a real nutter here”.

More as we get it.