WWN Finance: How To Become A Vulture Fund Tycoon


LOOKING for an easy way to make some serious dosh without much effort? One group of investors has found a foolproof, airtight method of racking up billions by simply buying up distressed debt from countries in dire financial situations; they’re called vulture funds, and they can work for YOU!

Reaping rewards from a vulture fund is easy, but you have to be in the right place at the right time. Here’s a few pointers:

1) You’re going to need to be able to recognise what countries are willing to sell off their debt to you, and just how desperate they are. Remember, the more desperate they are, the cheaper the price! Keep an eye out in the news for phrases such as ‘bailout’, ‘default’, ‘catastrophic bank guarantee’, ‘housing bubble’, ‘going forward’, things like that. Keep an eye on that country… something’s a’cooking! Alternatively, just keep an eye on global banking institutions, and who they rush to help in a time of need. If the big guns are getting worried about a country, then you know it’s fucked.

2) When a country has amassed more debt than it can ever hope to repay, that’s when they start getting eager to cut deals with you. The governments of these countries will do anything to look like they’re managing the crisis, and will love headlines like “Government secure €600m debt deal”, even if the €600 million they just made was from selling debt worth €3 billion at a massive loss. They don’t care! They win! You win! Almost everyone who’s important wins!

3) That’s it! That’s all there is to it. Well, you have to raise enough capital to buy up this debt in the first place, but you can drum that up with wild speculation and knowing the right people. Investors will come flocking to your door to get a part of this sweet action. And the best part about all this is that nobody gets hurt. Well, nobody that matters, anyways.