“I Lost 6 Stone Eating Just Air & It Can Work For You”


AS PART of WWN’s Opinion series, we give a platform to people we really shouldn’t. Today is the turn of Aisling ‘SuperAsh’ Dennehy, a self confessed gym bunny, endorser of products and Instagram legend who has the diet you’ve been waiting for.

No gimmicks! If you’re looking to get fit and lose those few pounds you put on over Christmas (lol, I know I’m guilty too. @SuperAsh is human just like you) just follow my unique weight loss technique.

No fads, no quackery, just the simple, straightforward, sensible stuff that will work for anyone and everyone.

I’m sure you’re sick of all these nicely labeled products endorsed by the bubbly and attractive women on Instagram, all claiming to be the miracle cure when it comes to health and fitness. Enough is enough with the disingenuous nonsense, I was sick of it too. Which is why I’m over the moon to be endorsing this really cute Air Diet packet that really is the miracle cure in dieting. For discount codes, check my Instagram.

I usually start the day off with 3 cups of air, but since you’re on the first step of this program you can start with 5. Yum, that unmistakable taste of H2O, you can’t beat. If I wasn’t so focused on toning up I would totes pig out and have 12 cups of the stuff. Lol, total fat pig that I am.

I was always the type that would put on weight just thinking about food, thanks for those genes mom and dad. But look, a couple of your ago I got hold of the air diet and I haven’t looked back. I’m never been happier, no really I haven’t. Shut the fuck up, saying I’m not happy, who the fuck are you. I said I’m fucking happy so I’m bloody well happy you negative prick bag.

Sorry, back to the routine. By midday you should be about feeling like you’re fit to die. But don’t worry lunch is a big one in the air diet routine, you get 7 cups when you’re starting off, you lucky ducks.

Hold on for dinner for another few hours and four hearty gulp of air later you’re ready to faint.

Keep up this routine and you’ll lose about 6 stone following hospitalisation, in a completely different manner to how I did it, but look Air Diet paid me to endorse this thing so I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do.